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Little Anne

I'm gonna tell you all a beautiful story

About a woman who's a hell of a friend

I can tell her how I'm really feelin'

‘Cause with her I don't have to pretend

She gives me love in every way that she can

That's my little Anne

A little wiggle from her hips when she's walkin'

A little giggle from her lips when she talks

She's the woman of my dreams

And she helps me with all of my schemes

Somebody who will understand

That's my little Anne

Well, I'm so happy I could shout about it

‘Cause when I'm with her ain't no doubt about it

She stole my heart with her sweet Southern ways

I'm gonna love her for the rest of my days

She knows exactly how to care for her man

That's my little Anne

She lets me know that she's my number one fan

That's my little Anne

She got connection with the master plan

That's my little Anne

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