Jeff Philips & Tru Blu

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Jeff Philips & Tru Blu are freelance professional musicians who love playing together. The band has been together for over seven years, although their personal and professional friendships go back much further. Their collective professional experience include major label and independent recordings, commercials, movies, TV, and Broadway shows, as well as concerts and club appearances with internationally-known stars. They are entertainers who are as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

The Band can play Classic Rock, Funk, Swing, Funky Jazz, Traditional "Rhythm & Blues", Soul , Classic Blues, Modern Blues, and Jump Blues music, depending on their audience and venue, even a lot of times playing specific requests. They are drawing from a "songlist" of over 500 songs, and can play others as well, if asked. They are also happy to just stay with any one of these styles, if appropriate for a particular booking.

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