Mighty Meaty

Song Lyrics


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Party Time

All day long

I work at a job

That I can't stand

Spend my time

Feelin' halfway dead

But when it's five o'clock

I'm gone so fast you won't believe it

Gonna have some fun

If it's the last thing I do

'Cause you know that it's


Party Time

Party Time

Done with work

And now I'm lookin' to find

Party Time

Party Time

Got no time to lose

When it's Party Time

We unwind

Me & all those no-good friends of mine

Party Time

We'll all be there at Party Time

All night long

Gonna have a hot time with a sweet thing

Just can't wait

I got to go right now

This workin' all the time

Sometimes I don't know how I stand it

Somewhere there's a party goin' on without me

But not for long 'cause it's


We're gonna do everything

That your mama prob'ly don't approve of

Yeah, but that's OK

'Cause she ain't with us tonight

Don't you know that it's


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