Zen Of Iniquity

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With Your Lies

I wish I never met you

It's too late for that now

I wish I could forget you

I wish I could somehow

If I could cleanse my mem'ry

If I could change the crass

Everything that's been foretold

Has now come to pass

I wish that I were clever

I wish that I were wise

I wish that I was anywhere

But trapped up in your lies

With Your Lies

I will believe you

With Your Lies

You will destroy my soul

With Your Lies

I'll never leave you

With Your Lies

You will retain control

With Your Lies

Destiny defeats me

At each and every turn

The sooner it completes me

The sooner I will burn

Tossed by indecision

I'm in the center ring

A delicate incision

I never felt a thing

I wish I were heroic

I'd never have to fold

I wish that I could fight this fear

Enveloping my soul

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