Zen Of Iniquity

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Zen of Iniquity was formed in late 2002 by Dal Edwards, the former singer for Maladocious, and J. Washington, ex-guitarist from the band Super-Duper. They coerced the rhythm section from The Wackers, James Wellington III on bass, and Armork on drums, to jump ship from The Wackers with promises of better-looking groupies and better drugs, most of which eventually came true. Their sound evolved into a cross between Goth and Hard Rock, because, as James put it, "Goth chicks are way hotter than death metal chicks, and there's more of them".

A band so original and creative in their thinking and music is bound to have a little contention, and this was certainly true here. They went into the studio in early 2003, got into a fight with the engineer, and got thrown out without their recording being finished. They went into another studio (with a different engineer), and actually finished four songs, at which point arguing and fist-fights among the band resulted in its demise.

We at Scwewy Wecords are proud to be able to make this music available to the world, and consider it to be one of our most significant accomplishments that we were able to get all four signatures on a recording contract (well, except for Armork, who merely put an x on his).